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New Dj's

Posted on 18 March, 2011 at 11:28 Comments comments (195)
The Studio Club has always had a policy of promoting local talent. Local DJ's such as Shotgun, Prophecy, blade and Too Tall had their first experience of playing to a crowd
at the Studio Club, most of them have gone on to bigger and better things.
There has however been a change of attitude amongst party goers regarding DJ's. This may be in part due to the numbers of would be DJ's that have sprung up.
Seasoned DJ's are being oused by clubs and replaced by fresh faced youths. Pubs and clubs are under so much pressure to reduce costs that it seems an attractive proposition, but what do they get in return? Is it cool to be upfront?. The new brand of DJ's have all the latest downloads, they're young enough to be in with the in crowd, but do they have what it takes?.
What is a DJ? A disc jockey, also known as DJ (or deejay), is a person who selects and plays recorded music for an audience (wiki). Playing for an audience suggests that you play what they want, songs they can sing a long to and not for yourself. Some people seem to think adding DJ to their name makes them a sort of instant mini superstar and they grow an ego to match. A professional DJ does not drink to excess or smoke weed while on duty and certainly does not hit on every member of the opposite sex they encounter.  You want a DJ who is fun, lively and can get the party started (and keep it going) but not one who is likely to end up being the only (bad) memory your guests have of your event.
This year the Studio Club intends to strike a balance, hosting local DJ's on Fridays and Professional DJ's on Saturdays. It will be interesting to see the difference it makes as a good DJ can make or break more than just an event.